Calibration, repair, failure investigation, commissioning, and consulting

We offer a range of services whether that be on-site or in our workshop. We carry out calibration/verification of: Flow, Pressure, Temperature, Level and Analytical devices. We repair instrumentation from a variety of manufacturers.

In addition to this we conduct on-site services including: Commissioning, Industrial Network Support, Consulting, Repair, Calibration and much, much more.

Please see below for more details of our services.

Pressure Calibration

We can calibrate your Pressure measuring devices whether it be dial gauges, transmitters, or switches. We can calibrate your pressure device within the range of -0.995 barg to 300 barg with our UKAS calibrated reference cells. We also have Absolute pressure calibration as an option.

We have a range of process connections to connect to your device ranging from all DIN and ANSI flange sizes from DN15 to DN150 and a range of threaded, hygienic and clamp connections.

Temperature Calibration

We can calibrate your temperature devices whether they are a RTD, Thermocouple, Dial Gauge, Switches, or other transmitter types.

We can accommodate probe diameters from 2mm - 15mm from a range of -15° to 650°C with a range of stable dry block/oil bath calibrators with UKAS calibrated highly accurate references.

Analysis Calibration

We are experienced in calibrating the main types of process analytical equipment. Our pH calibrations can be performed from a range of 3pH to 12pH either using reference buffer solutions or analogue mV injections.

Our conductivity calibrations are performed with a range of reference standards depending on your measuring range and desired calibration values.

Dissolved oxygen sensor maintenance and calibration can be performed with a range of manufacturers spare parts.

We also offer other Analysis calibrations when required, working with partner companies for bespoke analysis calibrations (i.e., Photometers).

Workshop Repair Service

We can investigate and repair a huge range of Instrumentation from a vast range of manufacturers including Flow meters, Analysis Transmitters, Temperature Loops/Controllers, Pressure Transmitters, Switches, Analysers, and many, many more.

We have experience working with a range of manufacturers’ equipment and have access to a range of spare parts both in stock and with quick lead times.

Please get in touch to discuss the details of your repair/investigation.

On-Site Services

We offer a huge range of on-site services nationwide and work within all process industries with all manufacturers of instrumentation. Our on-site calibration service minimises process down time, whether that be on a scheduled weekday, weekend or shut down.

We have a huge range of process knowledge, this paired with our experience and expertise in Process Instrumentation means we can support you from the design and commissioning of your plant and then on through the full life cycle offering calibration, consulting, and repair services.

For a discussion about your requirements, please get in touch!